Lifeboats on the Titanic

The Titanic lowers its lifeboats

The Titanic lowers its lifeboats

Before You Listen

You are going to listen to a short presentation about lifeboats on the Titanic. What do you think you will learn?

  • Were there enough lifeboats on the Titanic? Why not?

    English Language Level: Intermediate CEFR B2

Quick Check: True or false

  1. There were there too few lifeboats on the Titanic.

  2. The Titanic had sealed bulkhead compartments to prevent flooding.

  3. One compartment was accidentally left open.

  4. The Titanic did not break the law regarding lifeboats

  5. The Titanic sunk more quickly than expected

    Watch/Listen again to check your answers.

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Quick Check: How much did you understand?

  1. How many classes were there on The Titanic?

  2. How much did a first class ticket cost?

  3. How much did a third class ticket cost?

  4. Why was class the key to survival?

  5. What happened to the richest man on The Titanic?

Watch/Listen again to check your answers.