About Shakespeare Sonnet 18

Fred & Rita discuss Shakespeare's famous Sonnet 18

Macaroni Penguins (B2)

Fun facts about macaroni penguins. ESOL listening activity with linked worksheet

Meet the Crew (B1)

Meet the Crew (worksheet)

English Language Level: Intermediate CEFR B1

Here are the crew of a large cruise ship. 

A lot of people work on a cruise ship

a) Do you know the names of five different crew members?

b) Which one of these people is the leader of the crew:

chef, steward, captain, engineer

Complete this worksheet about the crew the Azuria. 

TESOL for Teens
1.99 6.99

Language LevelCEFr B1/B2  

Exam LevelPreliminary (PET)PET for Schools - Preliminary English Test (B1) First (FCE) B2

Content: Teaching materials for English language learners. 

ESOL resources include: text & audio files * PowerPoint presentations * worksheets * teaching notes * exam practice materials * extension activities

Sample materials: Fun Facts about Hawaii Worksheet * Meet One Direction * Fred Posts His Phone  

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Fred & Rita: A Dog's Dinner?

Rita wants her dog to become a vegetarian. Fred does not think this is wise.

Mystery Island?

Language Level: CEF B1   Skills: Listening/Vocabulary 


Before you watch:

What is the name of the mystery island? 

1. It is the world's largest island.

2. It has a very small population.

3. There are no roads between towns.

4. It is European but part of another continent.

5. It is green but very cold!

Do you know the name of the mystery island? 

Watch this audio slideshow