Fun Facts about Thomas Edison (B2)

Short listening activity about the great inventor, Thomas Edison - ESOL level (B1/2)

Treasure Island (B2)

On the run from Blind Pew and the pirates, Jack and his mother open the chest left by ‘Captain’ Billy Bones. From the Treasure Island Teaching Pack

Lightning Never Strikes Twice? (B2)

In 1942 lightning struck Roy C. Sullivan for the first time. The US park ranger was working up in a lookout tower when a bolt shot through his leg. It knocked his big toenail off.

‘I was lucky,’ Roy told his friends. ‘I can live without one big toenail. And at least it won’t happen again! Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.’

But is that true?

Lightning Strikes Worksheet

Mystery Inventor

Language Level: CEF B1   Skills: Listening/Vocabulary 


Can you guess the name of this famous inventor? 

1. He was born in 1847 and died in 1931.

2. His middle name was Alva.

3. He grew up Ohio but worked in New York.

4. He saved a boy from an oncoming train. The boy's father then trained him to be a telegraph operator.

5. You use his inventions every day.

 Watch this short presentation

From the Fred & Rita (see below) & True Stories teaching packs

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