A Thief Regrets? (B1)

A teacher appeals to a thief's conscience - with a surprising result.

Resource: audio & short text with worksheets

Level: Upper Intermediate+  Age: 12+ Skills: Listening/Reading/Vocabulary 


How do you hide $58 million?

From the True Stories Teaching Pack (see below)

Level: Upper Intermediate+  Age: 12+ Skills: Listening/Reading/Vocab 

'We'll bury it in the garden. What could go wrong?'

How would you hide £50 million from the taxman? Two Japanese sisters thought they had the answer.

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True Stories? (B1+)
1.99 5.99

ESOL resources to help develop English language skills.

Theme: Strange news stories, tall tales & urban myths. Some are true, some are partly true, some are not true at all

Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFr B1/B2)

Skills Practice: Reading & Listening, Writing, Speaking & Use of English

TESOL resources: text & audio files, worksheets, teaching notes & extension materials.

Topics include - a falling cow, a flying garden chair, a $64 million dollar pair of trousers, an unwelcome wedding guest.

Sample: There Goes the Bridegroom

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Fred & Rita: Twins

Fred and Rita Discuss: Identical Twins

Quick Check: Answers 1.T  2. F 3.T 4. T 5. T

TESOL for Teens
1.99 6.99

Language LevelCEFr B1/B2  

Exam LevelPreliminary (PET)PET for Schools - Preliminary English Test (B1) First (FCE) B2

Content: Teaching materials for English language learners. 

ESOL resources include: text & audio files * PowerPoint presentations * worksheets * teaching notes * exam practice materials * extension activities

Sample materials: Fun Facts about Hawaii Worksheet * Meet One Direction * Fred Posts His Phone  

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More Hidden Cash

Read this tall tale

Do you think it's a) true?b) partly true?c) not true?

Worksheet taken from Tall Tales Teaching Pack.

Also available in the ESOL Teaching Pack -  Intermediate