A Thief Regrets? (B1)

A Thief Regrets has been one of the most popular resources I have produced. 

English Language Level: CEFr B2 ( upper intermediate) Skills: Listening/reading/vocab 

Before Listening

1. What do you think the thief is going to 'regret'? Why?

1. Do this quiz 

2. Now read this text and complete the exercises

ESOL Skills Practice (Intermediate+)
2.99 5.99

Theme: strange news stories, tall tales & urban myths. Some of these stories are true, some are partly true, some are not true at all

Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFr B1/B2) 

Skills Practice: Reading & Listening with additional writing, speaking & use of English activities

TESOL resources: text & audio files, worksheets, teaching notes & extension materials.

Topics include - a falling cow, a flying garden chair, a $64 million dollar pair of trousers, an unwelcome wedding guest.

Sample: There Goes the Bridegroom