Fred & Rita: A Dog's Dinner?

Rita wants her dog to become a vegetarian. Fred does not think this is wise.

New teaching resources for Young Learners

 Rocky has run away!

Rocky has run away!

English language teaching resources for young learners at beginner/elementary level (A1/A2).  Each teaching pack includes: text & audio, worksheets, teaching notes, learning activities with answers & extension materials.

A Very Long Walk is a lovely story about a lost dog. Watch the video below & download the free accompanying powerpoint & worksheet

Download free powerpoint Before Watching Activity

You can download the teaching packs for A Very Long Walk. The Princess & the Pea, & The Lion & Mouse below

The Princess & Pea
1.49 3.99

Picture book adaptation of classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Ideal for young English language learners.

Level: Beginners  Common European Framework (CEF) A1


FCE Reading 1.5 (multiple choice)

B2 English Practice - Fake News?
1.99 5.99

ESOL resources to help develop English language skills.

Theme: Strange news stories, tall tales & urban myths. Some are true, some are partly true, some are not true at all

Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFr B1/B2)

Skills Practice: Reading & Listening, Writing, Speaking & Use of English

TESOL resources: text & audio files, worksheets, teaching notes & extension materials.

Topics include - a falling cow, a flying garden chair, a $64 million dollar pair of trousers, an unwelcome wedding guest.

Sample: There Goes the Bridegroom

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A Thief Regrets? (B1)

A teacher appeals to a thief's conscience - with a surprising result.

Resource: audio & short text with worksheets

Level: Upper Intermediate+  Age: 12+ Skills: Listening/Reading/Vocabulary 



Interview with Pete Sharma - Pete Sharma briefly outlines some of the broad trends in IT innovation and how they might impact on language teaching.

Interview with Jeremy Harmer  - Does ELT face Uber-style disruption? One of the best-known ELT materials writers outlines the challenges to traditional teaching.