American Politics (C1)

Before listening

1. Do you know the names of the two main political parties in the USA? 

2. From which party does the current president come?

Now listen

Listening Comprehension True or false

1. In the United States there are only two political parties.

2. All Republicans oppose gun control.

3. Republicans generally support military spending.

4. Republicans generally support free trade between countries.

5. Democrats generally believe in more market regulation.

6. Democrats agree with Republicans on taxation.

7. Many Republicans criticise the UN.

8. Only the rich vote for the Republican Party.

9. Only the poor vote for the Democrat Party.

10. The Democrats have a lot of support in the big cities.

For more on the two major parties go here

Classic Halloween Ghost Story

A young couple move to the country. Every night they visit a beautiful local church. Inside there are two marble statues. Why do these statues frighten local people? And what is the secret of the broken marble finger? 'The Marble Finger' is based on a classic horror story, Man Made in Marble (1893)…

Getting Started With Macbeth

Act One is the key to the play - these resources help students to identify themes, characters etc

The video clips are from the Polanski version - still the best Macbeth on film in my opinion.

Getting Started with Macbeth
1.99 3.99

English Language LevelAdvanced/Proficiency CER: C1

Exams: GCSE /IGCSE English Literature, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge Proficiency

Getting Started with Macbeth introduces Act One and establishes the key themes of the play.

It includes:

  • presentations for all seven scenes
  • audio & video clips
  • worksheets
  • key quotations
  • speech analysis
  • scene summaries
  • teaching/study notes

Sample Presentation: 1.1: Three Witches