When Bowie Came to Bing for Christmas

  • In 1977 David Bowie appeared on Bing Crosby's Merrie Old England TV Special. 

  • Watch/listen to the story behind a classic Christmas record in When Bowie Met Bing.

  • The presentation is accompanied by a worksheet & answer key .

 Bing Crosby and David Bowie were from different worlds.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie were from different worlds.

A Christmas Carol Teaching Pack (B1/B2/C1)
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A Christmas Carol is a great story but a challenging text. These materials can help you introduce this Dickens' classic to your classroom.

Thank you.  I am so glad that I found this version.  I teach ESL students and wanted to cover the story, but knew that the original would be too difficult for them. * * * * Kathy, Texas, 

These are such great resources! * * * * Penny, University of Warwick

Thank you ever so much. I've now accessed your resources and am really pleased with them. They'll really inform my planning. Fantastic! * Nicola  

Contents  include

  • Elementary & intermediate versions of the story 

  • Character notes

  • Selection of useful quotations

  • Short audio readings of key passages

  • Reading, writing & listening worksheets

  • Background contextual materials

  • Teaching notes & links to video & other useful resources

  • Free updates of materials.

  • Ideal for use with Christmas Carol Student Pack

Try this sample presentationMeet Scrooge


Key features of retold versions

  • Text condensed to core story

  • Elementary & Intermediate versions (CEFR B1 & B2)

  • Increased use of line space, paragraph breaks etc.

  • Minor simplification of grammar & syntax

  • Vocabulary streamlined

  • Shortened sentences & paragraphs

  • Focus on the narrative

  • Extensive learning materials: worksheets, teaching notes etc.

Direct quotations remain in the original form so can be used in essays etc.