Beatles Quizzes

Posted on by Kieran McGovern

How much do you know about The Beatles?

Try these fun self-marking quizzes with your TESOL classes

1. Starter Quiz   

2. Beatles Top 20 Quiz

3. People & Places

English Language level: low Intermediate & above CEFR B1+  

Taken from The Beatles Teaching Pack (see below). 

The Beatles
3.99 4.99

Four young men change the world

English Language Level: Intermediate+ CER: B1/B2/C1

Exams: First Certificate, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced

Sample: Penny Lane Powerpoint Lesson 

Materials include:

  • Google presentations (downloadable as PowerPoints)
  • Texts & audio graded for English language learners
  • Google quizzes (with recorded responses & answers)
  • Reading & listening worksheets
  • Project work 
  • Adaptable assignments
  • Extensive teaching notes

Quick Guide to Beatles Teaching Pack