Trapped! (B1)

An office worker is in an elevator late at night. Suddenly it stops. He presses the alarm - but nobody comes.  Everyone has gone home for the weekend ....

Reading with activities

From the True Stories Teaching Pack (see below)

Level: Upper Intermediate+  Age: 12+ Skills: Listening/Reading/Vocab 

English Practice (B1-2)
2.50 5.99

ESOL resources to help develop English language skills. Short reading & listening materials with accompanying activities.

Aimed at teenagers & young adults but suitable for all ages.

Skills Practice: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking & Use of English

Resources: presentations, reading & worksheets, quizzes, teaching notes & extension materials.

Sample Materials

Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate:  CEFr B1/B2

Exam LevelPreliminary (PET)PET for Schools - Preliminary English Test (B1) First (FCE) B2

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Strange but true tale of New York elevator ordeal