Lawn Chair Pilot

Larry hates waiting in line at airports. 'Why can't I fly from my garden? 

'Because you live don't have a plane!' 

But Larry is not going to allow a small problem like that stop him. So he began preparing his back garden in the suburbs of Los Angeles for its first flight ...

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A flying garden chair? But what about a flying house?

ESOL Skills Practice (Intermediate+)
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Fun ESOL resources to help develop English language skills. 

Theme: Strange news stories, tall tales & urban myths. Some are true, some are partly true, some are not true at all

Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFr B1/B2) 

Skills Practice: Reading & Listening, Writing, Speaking & Use of English

TESOL resources: text & audio files, worksheets, teaching notes & extension materials.

Topics include - a falling cow, a flying garden chair, a $64 million dollar pair of trousers, an unwelcome wedding guest.

Sample: There Goes the Bridegroom

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From the True Stories Teaching Pack (see below)

Level: Upper Intermediate+  Age: 9+ Skills: Listening/Reading/Vocab