Strangest World Cup Incident?

In 1974 Zaire became the first East African nation to qualify for the World Cup. Unfortunately lost all three group games and exited at the first stage without scoring a goal.

But they did provide one the strangest moments in football history.

What was he trying to do? It makes no sense in football terms and some have joked that Mwepu was unclear about the rules. Others suggested that it was a political protest against the Mobutu dictatorship.

Mwepu later claimed he was trying to get sent off. Why? Because President Mobutu had threatened the players with prison if they lost by more than three goals.

But how would a red card have helped Mwepu? Surely he would have been the first to feel the cell door close behind him? 

Whatever. The icing on the cake was that Mwepu looks generally outraged at being shown a yellow card: 'Surely that's a red, ref ....'