The Body Snatcher


Fettes turned towards us. ‘You don’t know how dangerous that man Macfarlane is!’ he said. ‘What I am going to tell you must never leave this room.’

Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher is based on a 'grave robbing' scandal in 1820s Edinburgh. Listen to the first part of the story below.

You can read Part 1 here - complete text, audio & activities are included with The Body Snatcher Audiobook . 

The Body Snatcher
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A classic horror story retold by 'one of the best writers of language learner materials in English'. 

The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson  

  • Audiobook (MP4a & MP3) & text
  • Worksheets
  • Teaching notes


Burke & Hare - the real 'body snatchers' - audio & worksheet

Language Level: Upper Intermediate B2

IELTS Reading - Section 3


Paul McCartney died in 1966?

Some people still think so

Getting Started With Macbeth

Act One is the key to the play - these resources help students to identify themes, characters etc

The video clips are from the Polanski version - still the best Macbeth on film in my opinion.

Getting Started with Macbeth
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English Language LevelAdvanced/Proficiency CER: C1

Exams: GCSE /IGCSE English Literature, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge Proficiency

Getting Started with Macbeth introduces Act One and establishes the key themes of the play.

It includes:

  • presentations for all seven scenes
  • audio & video clips
  • worksheets
  • key quotations
  • speech analysis
  • scene summaries
  • teaching/study notes

Sample Presentation: 1.1: Three Witches