“Wonderful materials for
English language learners!”

— ESL teacher, Nashville, USA


Original stories and adaptations of classic texts by the author of over twenty graded readers for OUP, Macmillan, Penguin & other major ELT publishers

Each e-reader pack Includes:

  • graded reader with audio
  • PDF & ePub versions
  • worksheets
  • teaching notes & lesson suggestions
  • learning activities with answers
  • extension materials. 

Ideal supplementary materials for examinations like Cambridge First Certificate, IELTS etc .


Classic Ghost Stories
1.99 4.99

Three classic ghost stories retold by 'one of the best writers of language learner materials in English'. 


The Signalman by Charles Dickens * The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson * The Marble Finger by Edith Nesbit (adapted from Man-Made-in-Marble) 


The Lawyer & the Ghost by Charles Dickens (adapted from The Pickwick Papers) * Long Black Veil (ballad with video)

Language Level:

Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced (Lawyer & Ghost) 

Age: Too scary for very young children!

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The Prisoner of Zenda
1.99 4.99

Ruritania is about to have a new King. Young Rudolf Rassendyll of England  is in Ruritania for the coronation.  And Rupert is the ‘double’ of the new king ...

The Prisoner of Zenda is a classic adventure story. This simplified version is abridged and simplified for English language learners.

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The Big Match (B1)
1.70 6.90

Anthology of ELT teaching resources. Includes a complete reader, The Big Match, and a wide variety of fun texts, audio recordings, interactive resouces & learning activities.

About The Big Match

City have reached the FA Cup Final for the first time. Matthew plans to be there at Wembley Stadium with his team. Then his mother brings him some very bad news:

The Big Match was originally published by Phoenix Bookshelf  (Prentice Hall/Macmillan) and was singled out for its particular excellence' in Bamford & Day's Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom (Cambridge, 1998).

This new edition of The Big Match is accompanied by an audio book and a full range of learning activities.


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A Christmas Carol Teaching Pack (B1/B2/C1)
4.99 7.99

A Christmas Carol is a great story but a challenging text. These materials can help you introduce this Dickens' classic to your classroom.

Thank you.  I am so glad that I found this version.  I teach ESL students and wanted to cover the story, but knew that the original would be too difficult for them. * * * * Kathy, Texas, 

These are such great resources! * * * * Penny, University of Warwick

Thank you ever so much. I've now accessed your resources and am really pleased with them. They'll really inform my planning. Fantastic! * Nicola  

Contents  include

  • Elementary & intermediate versions of the story 

  • Character notes

  • Selection of useful quotations

  • Short audio readings of key passages

  • Reading, writing & listening worksheets

  • Background contextual materials

  • Teaching notes & links to video & other useful resources

  • Free updates of materials.

  • Ideal for use with Christmas Carol Student Pack

Try this sample presentationMeet Scrooge


Key features of retold versions

  • Text condensed to core story

  • Elementary & Intermediate versions (CEFR B1 & B2)

  • Increased use of line space, paragraph breaks etc.

  • Minor simplification of grammar & syntax

  • Vocabulary streamlined

  • Shortened sentences & paragraphs

  • Focus on the narrative

  • Extensive learning materials: worksheets, teaching notes etc.

Direct quotations remain in the original form so can be used in essays etc.

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The Princess & Pea
1.49 3.99

Picture book adaptation of classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Ideal for young English language learners.

Level: Beginners  Common European Framework (CEF) A1


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The Lion & the Mouse
0.99 0.99

Retelling of classic Aesop fable for young English language learners. Includes complete picture & audio books, teaching notes & activities. 

Text by leading ELT author, Kieran McGovern. Illustrations by award winning graphic artist, Trici Venola. 


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