Fred & Rita

Fun play-scripts with worksheets, audio & learning activities by 'one of the best writers of language learner literature in English'. 

Level: pre-intermediate/intermediate/upper intermediate

Age: Teens/Young adults.

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TESOL for Teens
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Language LevelCEFr B1/B2  

Exam LevelPreliminary (PET)PET for Schools - Preliminary English Test (B1) First (FCE) B2

Content: Teaching materials for English language learners. 

ESOL resources include: text & audio files * PowerPoint presentations * worksheets * teaching notes * exam practice materials * extension activities

Sample materials: Fun Facts about Hawaii Worksheet * Meet One Direction * Fred Posts His Phone  

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TESOL for Teens Teaching Pack includes:

1.  Graded texts & Worksheets suitable for low-cost printing (PDFs & Google Doc files)

2. Graded listening resources. (MP4 & MP3 plus links to online resources)

3. Teaching notes, lesson ideas, activity answers etc.

4. Bonus texts, presentations and activities

The language level is broadly intermediate, but the materials can be adapted to suit the lower and upper ends of the range.  New vocabulary is introduced and recycled in a natural, entertaining way. 

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