Why were the Beatles great English language teachers?

The Beatles did not set out to teach English - but they have been brilliant ambassadors for the language. Abbey Road, for example, contains over 90% of the 2000 words 'considered to be of the greatest 'general service' to learners of English'. 

The Beatles have always been popular with ESOL teachers - for good reason

The Beatles have always been popular with ESOL teachers - for good reason

Why were The Beatles so effective in communicating the language?

Their early experience of teaching in a foreign language environment (Hamburg) may have played a role. But I think that age and cultural attitude were the crucial elements. The Beatles spoke to and for the younger generation. And for the first time that younger generation was shaping popular culture.

The Beatles Teaching Pack
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Language Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (CEFr B1/B2/C1) 

TESOL resources include:

  • classroom presentations

  • text & audio graded for English language learners

  • worksheets  with teaching notes

  • extension materials

  • quizzes (with recorded responses & answers). 

Exam revision: materials helpful for exam courses including: First Certificate, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced etc.

Skills Practice: reading, listening, writing, speaking, vocabulary extension, use of English.

Topics include - The Beatles' story, stories behind the songs etc.

Sample: Penny Lane Powerpoint Lesson 

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