What is the Rorschach test?

The test went on to become a key tool in the emerging field of psychoanalysis - but sadly Rorschach  did not  live to see this. The young Freudian died of peritonitis, less than a year after the publication of his findings in Psychodiagnostik

The term Rorschach Test has entered general English to describe how we interpret data according to our preconceptions. 

Put simply, we see what we want to see.

Who was Hermann Rorschach?

Principles of Rorschach Interpretation, Second Edition

You see what you want to see ...

You see what you want to see ...

Hermann Rorschach

 (1884-1922) invented the popular 'ink blot' personality test. The test emerged from the 

Swiss psychiatrist's lifelong passion for klecksography - turning inkblots into recognisable images. 

Roschach suggested that the way we interpret  randomly formed shapes provides an insight into our personalities. 

Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922)

Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922)

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Sample worksheetFrench Words in English

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What is Halloween?

Hallowe'en or All-Hallows-Eve takes place on the night of 31 October. Hallow is the old English word for saint.

On All Hallows Day (1 November) the Catholic Church remembers Christian martyrs. This feast day can be traced back to the Middle Ages.  

All Souls Day follows on 2 November. On All Souls Day Catholics pray for the 'souls of the departed'

So is Halloween Christian or Pagan? 

Both. Like Christmas, Halloween combines pagan & Christian customs. 

  • The lighting of bonfires symbolizes the plight of souls lost in purgatory (Catholic) while frightening away witches and ghouls (Pagan). 

  • souling - going door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for "soul cakes" and other treats.
  • mumming (or "guising") was acustom originally associated with Christmas. It consisted of parading in costume, chanting rhymes, and play-acting.  Source

But isn't the Catholic Church against Halloween?

Not exactly. It just does not recognise it as a religious holiday (again like Christmas Eve). Nor does it approve of modern attempts to connect Halloween with devil worship.

Today  the religious elements of Halloween eclipse the pagan ones. Sadly, there are no Jack O Lanterns in the Bible!

Another example of the devil having all the best tunes ...

Is Halloween a pagan festival?

Is Halloween a pagan festival?

Halloween often features in Victorian ghost stories.  

E. Nesbit's 'Man-Made-in-Marble' is a good example - read and/or listen to a retelling here.

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The Signalman by Charles Dickens * The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson * The Marble Finger by Edith Nesbit (adapted from Man-Made-in-Marble) 


The Lawyer & the Ghost by Charles Dickens (adapted from The Pickwick Papers) * Long Black Veil (ballad with video)

Language Level:

Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced (Lawyer & Ghost) 

Age: Too scary for very young children!

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Why were the Beatles great English language teachers?

The Beatles did not set out to teach English - but they have been brilliant ambassadors for the language. Abbey Road, for example, contains over 90% of the 2000 words 'considered to be of the greatest 'general service' to learners of English'. 

The Beatles have always been popular with ESOL teachers - for good reason

The Beatles have always been popular with ESOL teachers - for good reason

Why were The Beatles so effective in communicating the language?

Their early experience of teaching in a foreign language environment (Hamburg) may have played a role. But I think that age and cultural attitude were the crucial elements. The Beatles spoke to and for the younger generation. And for the first time that younger generation was shaping popular culture.

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Sample: Penny Lane Powerpoint Lesson 

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World Cup Words: What is a dummy?

In football a dummy is a body movement or feint which misleads your opponent. The classic example comes from perhaps the greatest footballer of all time in the 1970 World Cup.

100 Essential Football Words

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City have reached the FA Cup Final for the first time. Matthew plans to be there at Wembley Stadium with his team. Then his mother brings him some very bad news:

The Big Match was originally published by Phoenix Bookshelf  (Prentice Hall/Macmillan) and was singled out for its particular excellence' in Bamford & Day's Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom (Cambridge, 1998).

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