Man-Size-in-Marble by Charles Dickens

Man Size in Marble (B1)
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Although every word of this story is true, I do not expect people to believe it...

Classic E. Nesbit ghost story retold by 'one of the best writers of language learner materials in English'. 

  • Audiobook (MP3) & text (PDF & EPub)

  • Worksheets & answers

Language Level: Upper Intermediate B1

Thank you. I am so glad that I found this version. I teach ESL students and wanted to cover the story, but knew that the original would be too difficult for them. * * * * Kathy, Texas

These are such great resources! * * * * Penny, University of Warwick

Very good, and easy to use * * * * Elizabeth ter Haseborg

Great product! I loved the instant download feature. I put it to immediate use in my class. 
* * * * Julie Prommasit