What did Scrooge care?

What did Scrooge care?

New: Christmas Carol Teaching Materials

Marley Was Dead: Worksheet

Stave 1.1 Humbug! elementary version with glossary

Thank you.  I am so glad that I found this version.  I teach ESL students and wanted to cover the story, but knew that the original would be too difficult for them. * * * * Kathy, Texas

These are such great resources! * * * * Penny, University of Warwick

A Christmas Carol Teaching Pack
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A Christmas Carol is a great story but a challenging text for inexperienced readers. 

These  resources are aimed at English language learners and/or reluctant readers. They make the Dickens original more accessible without compromising its core elements.  

Materials include

  • Elementary & intermediate versions of the story
  • Character notes
  • Selection of useful quotations
  • Short audio readings of key passages
  • Reading, Writing & Listening worksheets
  • Background materials establishing the social/political context of the story
  • Dyslexic-friendly
  • Teaching notes & links to video & other useful resources
  • Continuous updates of materials for no additional cost
  • Versions for  e-readers and tablets (still in Beta)
  • Bonus materials include two other classic Dickens ghost stories: The Signalman & the Lawyer & the Ghost (from the Pickwick Papers)

Free updates are available to all purchasers. These include versions specially adapted for e-readers and tablets.

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